Friday, August 31, 2012

Ritmo Sound System Giveaway

If you have read my review of the Ritmo Advanced Prenatal Sound System then I am sure you are wanting one!  The Ritmo Sound System is a great way to play music and sounds for your baby while he/she is still in the womb.  You can also play recordings of your voice or other sounds.

Great news - they have agreed to give one lucky winner their own Ritmo Advanced Prenatal Sound System!  Make sure you go and read the Full Review and enter the giveaway on the Rafflecopter form below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  Open to US Residents. Winner will be notified and have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. You must do ALL parts that are mandatory or your comments will be deleted/invalid.
Disclosure: I was not paid for this review or giveaway. I was given the above product to review and all opinions are my own. I am not responsible for the prize being delivered to the winner of the giveaway - I will forward your information to the sponsor whom is responsible for supplying the winner with the prize.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Milk Unleashed Giveaway

Winner - Comment #4 - Tara Oliver

We have an awesome Giveaway! One Lucky Winner is going to win a Milk Unleashed variety pack - it will not only include Milk but a cow stress ball and information on shelf safe milk!

TO ENTER GIVEAWAY (choose one or both entries) :
1.  Leave a comment with your favorite On-The-Go Game from the Blog App below (and make sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner!)

2. Leave a comment with your results from the Blog App quick 6 question Quiz below (and make sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner!)

** Giveaway ends 09/09/12

** Disclosure: I may also received a milk pack for posting this giveaway.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Infant's Slumber Buddies Review

Given the choice of a few different summer infant products to review I instantly knew which one was the winner!  Not because it was what interested me the most or even the most functional.  However, this product would make my daughter know I was "the best mom ever" and I knew that!  Before I even got the product I knew it would be enjoyed in my house - but I didn't know how much.

Summer Infant has these fun new Slumber Buddies!  Bella the Butterfly and Frankie the Frog!  They help create a calm and comforting environment for your little one at bed time!  Plus, they make bed time something your little one will more easily agree to!  My daughter has come to LOVE Bella the Butterfly!  In fact the other day I couldn't figure out where she ran off to......  I found her lights out in the bathroom with Bella the Butterfly looking at the stars on the ceiling and listening to the calming music!  I had to ruin her fun and turn on the lights so I could snap this cute picture!
They have 3 different color display options and a 30-minute auto shut-off which comes in handy because my daughter will continually turn it on until she falls asleep.  She loves seeing the stars and moon on her walls and ceiling and it has eliminated the need for night lights or leaving her light on when she goes to bed! My 11 year old son even likes it (he won't admit he wants one since it is something his little sister likes, but I think he would even enjoy it!)  Plus, with the 3 lullabies and 2 nature sounds I think it is something the baby will enjoy as well - but I don't think I will know for sure until I go buy another one because there is no way my daughter is going to let this one leave her room at night!

The Dirty Truth is I would highly recommend this product to anyone with younger children (and even older children if it is something that interests them!)  The music is quite relaxing and it has made bedtime SO much easier for us.  It has also become one of my daughters favorite toys to carry around with her during the day.  You can buy them at your local Walmart for a very reasonable price of $25.00 or you can get them a little less than that on!  I know I will be buying at least one more once the baby is born!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Beba Bean Review & Giveaway is a truly unique shop!  They have some of the funnest and original baby items you will find!  Their Pee-pee Teepees are adorable and are the perfect gift for a baby shower.  If I was having a boy I definitely would have got some of these - not only are they just plain fun and cute, but in reality they really could come in handy!  I remember getting squirted by my little man when he was a baby, I think it is pretty inevitable with a little boy.....  and maybe these could help out!  They come in many designs so if you know someone having a boy and need a baby shower gift you may want to check them out!

Another item I loved was all the different animal rattles!  They have lions, elephants, bears, and giraffes and they are all adorable!

With my little one on the way I tried to pick something that I would get a lot of use out of - I decided on the Bamboo Sacque.  I love the open ended "sack type" clothing, I remember how much easier it made it for diaper changes and I can only imagine how comfortable they are!  Plus, with how adorable this Bamboo Sacque from Beba Bean is I couldn't pass it up!

The Dirty Truth is I loved my Beba Bean Product!  Not only could you tell the company takes pride in quality but the item arrived quickly and well packaged and even cuter than the online picture shows!  I loved how the little hand fabric folds over to act as mittens as well, and how soft the fabric is!  If you need some high quality baby clothing this is definitely somewhere that will have something cute and high quality!  Or if you are looking for fun baby shower ideas check out all of their clever shower gift ideas!  Make sure you enter to win the giveaway below as well!  One lucky winner will win a $25 Gift Certificate!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Travel Zoo Vacation Newsletter is Back!!!

The Travel Zoo Vacation Newsletter is Back!  Today they are featuring an $88 & up Nationwide Flight Sale, so if you have been looking for a great rate on airfare or a travel deal all you have to do to get their weekly emails is sign up here with your email address then confirm in the confirmation email they send you (which comes pretty quick)!
With a baby coming in 12 days or less it will probably be a while before I am traveling but hopefully you can all find a great deal!


Ritmo Advanced Prenatal Sound System Review

I love the idea of playing music for my little one so I was excited to try out the Ritmo Advanced Sound System!  Some say that playing music and sounds in the womb allows babies to form strong bonds with their moms and supports their brain development, and can even have a calming effect on baby.  I was excited to see babies reaction now that I am far enough along to feel all the little movements the baby makes.

Well, the baby didn't make "little" movements when I used the Ritmo but some rather large ones.  I love that I can play more up beat music with the Ritmo and watch the baby move like crazy!  This has been the funnest part for me with the Ritmo.  I swear the baby knows when I tell my husband or other two kids to come and "look" because the baby is moving - because she almost instantly stops.  I love that they can finally come when I say, I turn on the Ritmo and they can see their unborn sister (or daughter) dancing around! 

The Ritmo has 4 speaker surround sound in the safety belt but comes with a Safe & Sound controller that keeps the music to a safe decibel level for the baby.  The Ritmo belt is super comfortable and fits nicely around your belly.  I actually found myself more comfortable when wearing the product then without - it was like it provided some extra back support (and when your belly gets this big any extra support on your sore back is more than welcome!)

The Dirty Truth is the Ritmo Advanced Sound System is the product you want if you want to play some tunes for your unborn little one!  It is convenient and comfortable to wear around your whole belly so you can put it on and then forget about it if you want and go about doing anything else you need to do.  I also love that it connects to your MP3 player (or smart phone, computer, ipod, etc) but also has the sound controller to keep it at a safe sound level for the baby.  You can also use the Ritmo with Direct Connect to share voices of loved ones with your baby!  (Or you could do this by recording onto your computer first).
I loved this product and loved watching my little ones different movements with different types of music.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to play music for their little one or have something to get the baby moving on demand! 

Disclosure:  I was not paid for this review or giveaway.  I was given the above product to review and all opinions are my own.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rubbermaid LunchBlox Sandwich Kit Review

Rubbermaid has a new product - the LunchBlox Sandwich Kit!  I was lucky enough to try out this product and am so happy they came out with it before I had purchased anything for my son for school this year.

My son likes taking sandwiches from home to school sometimes and this is the perfect product to make sure he is getting a good healthy lunch!  I love that there are the 4 different containers.  The large one is perfect size for a sandwich and then you have 2 small ones and 1 medium container to hold veggies, fruits, snacks, or whatever you want!  All of the containers snap together onto the Blue Ice pack which you can freeze so it will keep your lunch cool through out the day! 

The Dirty Truth is this product is the perfect product to pack my son great lunches!  I know it is a high quality Rubbermaid product and it has all the functionality I want as well!  I also found that Rubbermaid makes Lunch Bags that are made for the LunchBlox Kits, you can find the bags at Walmart or probably any other large retailer!  If you are looking for a great product to pack lunch for your kids, spouse, self, etc. this is it.  If sandwiches are not your thing don't worry - they also carry individual LunchBlox Containers or the Entree Kit, or Salad Kit as well!

Disclosure:  I was not paid for this review or giveaway.  I was given the above product to review and all opinions are my own.


Friday, August 3, 2012 Ipad A Day Sweepstakes is currently having an awesome sweepstakes!  Head here to enter for your chance to win an Ipad!  The sweepstakes runs from today until August 9th and you can enter daily!

Make sure to check out their awesome coupons too - they have some great ones right now like 75 cents off any brand gallon of milk, $1 off Any brand cheese, $1 off Jif Hazelnut spread (anyone know if this tastes like Nutella?) and more!

Good luck in the sweepstakes and come back and let us know if you are one of the winners!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Importance of Life Insurance!

No one wants to think about needing life insurance - but the reality is you do!  One of the most important things you can do for your family is get Term Life Insurance.

Luckily, my husbands work provides Term Life Insurance for him, me, and our kids.  Hopefully this life insurance will never be needed, but it gives me great peace of mind knowing we have it.  If something were to happen to one of us the last thing we should have to worry about is the financial burden, and I am glad we will not have to.  This is one of the best investments you can make though because it will definitely pay for itself if you ever had to use it, and it is even better if it is never needed!

There are many great places to search for term life insurance - one of which is, it is one purchase you will be glad you made!  

Disclosure:  This post is brought to you by although it is truly my opinion everyone should have Term Life Insurance and it is one of the most important purchases you can make for your family!


Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle Review & Giveaway

I was excited to try the HALO Sleep Sack Swaddle and even more excited to find out about the HALO Safer Way to Sleep Initiative.  This initiative has been adopted by hundreds of hospitals nationwide and continues to grow.  The program provides hospital nurseries and NICUs an opportunity to educate parents and caregivers about safe sleep environments by using HALO SleepSack wearable blankets in-hospital and providing them as gifts to parents through the Take-Home Program.

It is so confusing sometimes to know what is best for your baby and what reduces the chances of SIDS.  It is recommended not to use bumper pads, but almost every crib set you can purchase has a bumper pad included!  It is recommended to use wearable blankets, but then the hospital uses the small hospital blankets!  It would be nice to not have so many mixed messages - especially when it comes to your childs safety - and life.  I love that HALO has started the Safe sleep initiative and that so many hospitals have decided to promote this initiative and the safety and well-being of all the babies that are delivered at those hospitals!

Although this is a wonderful program, not all hospitals are participating yet!  So even if your hospital is not participating please know that swaddling your baby in a blanket at night is NOT as safe as a wearable blanket.  The American Academy of Pediatrics suggest the use of a wearable blanket when putting baby to sleep instead of using a potentially dangerous loose blanket!

The HALO Sleep Sack Swaddle I received is super cute and I love that it has stitched on it "Back is Best" to remind parents that having baby sleep on the back is the safest.  My favorite feature of this product was that it is made so you can wrap baby with arms in or with arms out.  I would imagine some babies may not like having their arms swaddled in as much as other babies so it is nice to have a product built to do either way.  This product is soft, cute, and increases the safety of your child - need I really say more!  The Dirty Truth is this product is a must have for parents and hopefully more and more hospitals will continue to participate in the Safe Sleep Initiative - make sure to ask your hospital if they participate!  Also, you can enter the giveaway on the Rafflecopter Form below for your chance to win your own SleepSack Swaddle!  You can find out more about HALO and their Safe Sleep Initiative or watch for updates on their Facebook, Twitter, and on Pinterest!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I was not paid for this review or giveaway.  I was given the above product to review and all opinions are my own. I am not responsible for the prize being delivered to the winner of the giveaway - I will forward your information to the sponsor whom is responsible for supplying the winner with the prize.

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