Monday, April 16, 2012

Taggies Little Taggies Review

Taggies Little Taggies is a super soft 12'' x 12'' boa blanket that soothes your little one.  It has 20 bright tags around the border and can entertain your baby for long periods at a time.  Not only will it entertain and comfort your sweet little one but that means a little peace and quiet for you!  Maybe a few minutes to read that magazine you've been wanting to read or pick up the house a little!  I laugh when people give my kids "Loud" toys thinking I will be mad!  Seriously?  I don't care if it is loud, quiet, soft, hard, etc... as long as it is safe and it keeps the little one entertained I am happy - much better than a bored crying baby!  Well, Taggies Little Taggies does the job (and for those of you that do care.....  it is NOT a Loud Toy!)

The Dirty Truth is I love Taggies Little Taggies!  It is machine washable and comes in many different prints as well!  This is so soft that I even found myself holding it and rubbing it.  The little ones love it and it keeps them entertained!  This would make a great baby shower gift as well!  Target sells these for $8.99 and at this price I would definitely say this is a Must Have Baby Item!


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