Saturday, March 3, 2012 Review

I recently placed an order on MrChewy.Com and am very pleased with how easy, affordable, and convenient it was.  They have a huge selection of items and brands to choose from!  I had my order placed within a matter of minutes!  I ordered the Diamond Dog Food and a couple dog bones (one for each dog!)  I normally go to Walmart (15-20 minutes round trip from my house, and yes that is the closest store) and buy a big bag of dog food and that's it - the bones are usually $5 each and nothing like these bones were!  I was thrilled to be able to get the both a higher quality bone for less than I can usually buy one!  I received an e-mail confirming as soon as my order was placed, and tracking updates all along the way!  My order was packed well, everything was correct, and I saved myself a little money and a trip to the store!

The Dirty Truth:  MyChewy is a great place to order your pet food, snacks, supplies, etc!  Not only is the process super easy and convenient but their prices are very competitive!  For example - this 40# bag of Dog food was $42.99 (and Free shipping when you spend over $50 so just throw on a couple dog bones and the shipping is free!)  Compare that to Amazon's price (with free super saver shipping) of $53.54 or another seller on Amazon has it for $49.50 with free shipping (cheapest price)!  So almost $7 less!  I am definitely going to be ordering from again!

Also, if any of you are looking for a great dog food, I would highly recommend Diamond Pet Foods! My husband did a test and gave the dogs a scoop of the dog food we had and this new dog food.  BOTH dogs sniffed their regular dog food, turned away, and headed straight for the new dog food!  I think we have found the brand we will be using from now on!

Disclosure:  I was provided a $50 gift certificate in exchange for a review of - no other compensation was received and all the above are my honest opinions!


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