Monday, March 19, 2012

Cloth Pull Up Trainers Super Undies Review & Giveaway!

I recently received some Super Undies to review - I got the NightTime Bed Wedding in Wild Orchid Fairy style.  Talk about better late than never!  My daughter has been going "number 2" in the toilet for sometime but we just recently got her out of diapers (disposable diapers!)  I don't know the first thing about cloth diapering (my biggest question is what do you do when the go number 2 in them?  Do you rinse them and then wash them or what!)  However, I can completely understand them for when your little one pee's!  I wish for the last 6 months we would have saved our hundreds of dollars in disposable pull ups and bought a few pair of these Super Undies!  Not only would it have saved us a bundle, been more comfortable for my daughter, but I am sure it would have made a huge difference with any rashes, etc!  Plus one of my favorite things about the Super Undies is they are MADE IN THE U.S.A!!!  I don't know about you but I think we should all strive to buy American made products, not only to support where we live, but I've heard enough about the China Baby Formula recalls, or China Lead Paint Toy recalls, etc!  The products I buy for my children should be safe and made in America!

One of my favorite thing about the Super Undies is the stretchy sides, which means they fit around my daughter perfectly!  However, the best part about these is THEY WORK!  I got the nighttime ones because we had just got her wearing "big girl panties" in the day and she was doing great, she would still have a few night time accidents though and the wet sheets were not fun!  These were great because they pull on and off just like her panties but left her sheets dry and held in all the wetness thanks to the great waterproof fabric.  Plus, the inside liner folds out so you know when you wash them every little crease and crevice is getting clean!  I love how well these work and how comfortable and soft they are on my daughter!  The super heroes design is so fun too!  She loves wearing her super undies!  The night time one's are pretty bulky and thick (unlike the daytime ones) which is nice because they have extra protection to keep her bedding dry all night long and soak it all up so she is not sleeping in a puddle!  Her little bum rash has cleared up, I have had a ton less laundry to do, and we are saving a fortune not buying disposables for night!  The Dirty Truth is Super Undies are a wonderful product that works great and is the highest quality you are going to find!  I can guarantee you we will be using Super Undies to potty train the little one on the way!!!  I honestly don't think there is anything I could or would change to make these better, they are exactly what a cloth trainer should be!

Super Undies also offers a Potty training eBook, and they are running a special to my readers to get the book for FREE!!!  To get your free copy e-mail

If you want to try these out (and you should) make sure you read their special sales page which includes information on how to get $5.00 coupon to use on your order!  Make sure to enter the giveaway below for your chance to win some Wild Orchid Nighttime Super Undies!

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