Monday, June 13, 2011

Have you got HORRIBLE customer service - send me your story - and all votes appreciated!

Have you had horrible customer service and want everyone to know about your experience?  I had one reader email me her experience and thought maybe I will post a couple of these!  If you want to send me your experience I will pick a few out to post in a week or two.

Sorry, I haven't got many reviews posted lately - we've had a sick 2 year old for TWO WEEKS now......  longest 2 weeks every - poor little girl.

I entered a facebook contest and would LOVE for any of you to vote for me!  You can vote for my picture "So close yet oh so far" here:

If you want a return vote in a contest you are in just let me know and even if you don't please let me know that you voted for me.  You can email me, post on my facebook, etc....  just let me know that you did so and if you want a vote back send me a link!

I should be catching up a little bit with in the next week or so and then off to Las Vegas and I will post my review on our hotels there!

Also, let me know if you would be interested in T-mobile cell phone reviews?  I recently tried the Samsung Galaxy S, the HTC G2, and the LG G2X - let me know if you'd like to hear what I think!

Thanks everyone & Have a great Monday!


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