Wednesday, March 2, 2011


 I contacted 2 companies to review their hotels in Vegas.  Caesars properties & MGM Properties.  While neither of these properties were able to comp the room or provide you with a giveaway :(  I did get a response from both of them!  MGM Properties PR contact sent me a very professional e-mail declining the offer.  While Caesars properties PR contact Jaqueline offered me a media discount.  She then later said she had looked at my blog and wouldn't offer me the media discount because it was a family blog and Vegas is not a family location.

I must have forgot that I have kids when I planned this trip to Vegas I guess?  Forgot they are my priority?  Or wait, maybe I figured even mommies and daddies like to get away!  Even though my kids are a top priority my marriage is too.  Getting away every once in a while is a great thing for a marriage and since it will be our 5 year anniversary (and I just found out my cousin is going to get married in Vegas as well) I decided we totally deserve to get away for a weekend!  So yes I am proud to say I am a family woman.  I am proud to have a family friendly blog.  I am proud to be open-minded enough to know that even a mother of two children can have a great time in Las Vegas!!!!  I would really think that a Public Relations position should require someone to be professional.  Plus, really what is the media discount?  $5 or $10 a night?  Couldn't they turn down the $15 cost on their end with a little bit of decency?  I am kind of excited at they didn't because now we are staying somewhere great!

Needless to say - we will not be staying at any of Caesars Properties.  We are staying at Monte Carlo for a couple nights and then at Bellagio for a night.  I am so excited, we got a Lakeview Deluxe Room at Bellagio for a GREAT deal.  Cheaper than any other "nice" resort in Vegas!  I totally recommend signing up for their players club online if you are planning a trip because you will get e-mailed tons of great deals!  How romantic will it be to be on a high floor in the Bellagio watching the fountains?  Well, I will let you know in July!  I cannot wait for this needed vacation and to let you all know how it goes at these resorts!  We aren't going to be there too terribly long but if there is anything you've been wondering about or wanting reviewed in Vegas let me know and I will try to make some time! 


Kandice March 3, 2011 at 1:22 PM  

Wow! I wonder how the Las Vegas Board of Tourism feels about that PR lady stating that Vegas isn't for families!! Since they have been targeting families....because they don't want to discourage families from going pathetic of her!

Stefani @ March 3, 2011 at 3:29 PM  

I think she should have took a look at your site before even offering the media rate. How rude to email back again and withdraw the offer.

I look forward to reading your posts on the place you are choosing to stay at.

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