Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I know I have been slacking the last couple days.  Rest assured that I will be back to getting everything done soon.  We had a rather scary event with my daughter a couple nights ago (she just passed out/fainted and went limp in my arms).  The paramedics for the ambulance got here checked her out and said she was fine.  I took her to the doc yesterday and we got an iron test which was fine and an EKG - which we'll find out today (I'm sure it is fine as well).  It is more than likely something called "Breath Holding Spells" which is genetic (my husbands sister did this also) and does not cause any health problems, etc..  (besides serious anxiety for the parents!)  So.......  if any of you ever have this happen you may want to Google "Breath Holding Spells" and you can find out all about them and how common the actually are.  I am getting the EKG done just because the doctor recommended it and it will be nice to rule out that possibility but I am sure we will find out everything is fine and I will be back on here within a day or two getting caught back up!  Thanks so much!!!


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