Friday, February 18, 2011


Okay,  Normally I just post the winners on the winners page tab and facebook...  However, I Know everyone is probably chomping at the bit for the winner of the Ergo Baby Carrier! 

The EE Cuties Winner will be posted on the Winners tab, e-mailed and on Facebook soon (#124 - Tiff and Royce).

Bad news, I'm not positive on the winner yet for the Ergo Carrier.  I know Comment #318 won.  I have counted and I know who I think is is but I don't want to announce it until I am POSITIVE.  There is currently an issue with my comments where I can see the number next to them for the first 200 but anything after that is not numbered.  My blog designer is working on this issue and hopefully I will have it resolved soon.  I will let you know later today either way who the winner is for sure, if I have to I will count it 20 times to make sure it is right but I do know that it is comment #318.



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