Monday, February 21, 2011

EdenFantasys - EdenPoints (Adult Store)

Well you have all heard about EdenFantasy lingerie......  but did you know about their point earning system?  I am so excited that I just found this!  Go to and sign up for an account which will give you 50 points.  You can also get another 50 points when you verify your e-mail or publish your public profile.  There are TONS of ways to earn points, just a few are listed below.

Rate a product = 1 point (can be done 4 times per day)
Submit a search query = 5 points (can be done 5 times per day)
Add a resource = 6 points (can be done 4 times per day)
Place an order = 5% of order in points (up to 2 orders per day)
Post a discussion = 10 points (can be done 3 times per day)

So I am sure you can see the points can add up fast.  I signed up and within a matter of 1 minute I had 122 points.  You can redeem your points for giftcards.  For example if you have 1,000 points you will get a $10.00 gift card.

So if you want to check out all the great adult products that edenfantasys has make sure you sign up for an account and start earning points for doing so!  You'll be earning gift cards to get yourself some sexy lingerie before you know it!


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