Saturday, January 22, 2011


Petrol Jeans is offering a free pair of Jeans if you refer 20 people to like them on Facebook before 01/31/11.
I would love a Free pair of jeans.  If you want to go to Petrol Jeans Facebook Page First Like them and then click on the WIN A PAIR TAB.
Right above the pictures of pants click on the comments link & comment with who referred you.  (If you don't know anyone else in the contest I would LOVE for you to put my name (Ashly Lower) and then have all your friends go comment you referred them - if you get 20 before 01/31 you'll get a free pair of jeans!  AWESOME!  If you comment that I referred you please comment here and let me know that you did so!

Thanks a ton!  Also, let me know if you guys like when I post fun deals like this or if you just like the giveaways!  Thanks everyone - have a great night!


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