Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Okay so Office Depot is one of our favorite stores!  Probably sounds pretty lame to most of you right?  I know, I know..... no cute clothes, no shoes, jewelry, toys for the kids, etc. but my husband is seriously a lover of technology - Really truly a NERD - not the type you think of when you say nerd - the type that would love to be a true nerd.  Really I remember one day telling him "You are such a nerd, I cannot believe how excited you get over computers & stuff" and you know his response?  "Well if I was nerdier I would know how to do a lot more"  Only he could take being called a nerd as a compliment and wish for more nerdiness!  Honestly though we went to Office Depot today - 2 of them in different cities and to Best Buy trying to check out prices on Laptops as the screen inverter and the fan on mine has died!!!!  Wish I would have seen this coupon before I went out and about today!

Anyways - back to the point!  Most of the coupons you'll ever get for stores like this say Excludes Technology - in other words you cannot use it on Cameras, Memory Cards, Computers, etc...  I guess go buy some paper haha!  Well...........  This coupon is $10 off a $20 purchase and it is VALID ON TECHNOLOGY!  You could probably go buy some memory cards for pretty cheap with this coupon, a camera, etc....  I think I will go scout out what I can get tomorrow of Friday!  I will post what I find - if anyone else finds some killer deals to use this coupon with please post them :)

The link for the coupons are below - one expires 10/16/10 and the other is valid thru 11/20/10.



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